Current Insurable Mortgage Rates

These are MCAP’s residential mortgage rates for Prime “A” qualified new business.  Actual rates committed to qualified borrowers may be different.  Existing MCAP borrowers can learn more about our rates by contacting our Mortgage Servicing Centre at 1 800 265 2624.

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Rates are subject to change without notice.  All un-insurable mortgages will be priced at a premium  E&OE

Effective Date: Wednesday December 28, 2016
Prime Rate
MCAP Prime Rate2.70%
BMO Prime Rate2.70%
Fixed Rates
TermBest Rate
6 month convertible5.95%
1 year closed2.44%
2 year closed2.34%
3 year closed2.44%
4 year closed2.69%
5 year closed2.94%
Variable Interest Rates
TermBest Rate
VIP M-Power (5 Year) 2.45%
Small Rental - Conventional
TermBest Rate
5 year closed 3.29%
VIP M-Power (5 Year) 2.80%
Secondary Home
TermBest Rate
3 year closed 2.44%
4 year closed 2.69%
5 year closed 2.94%
TermBest Rate
VIP M-Power 2.45%
Lines of Credit
TermBest Rate
Home Account 3.20%
Home Account Plus 3.20%