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Mortgage Programs and Services for Investors

MCAP provides investors with solid opportunities to invest in residential construction through managed mortgage funds, loan syndications or private placement.

Why invest in residential construction with MCAP? We offer the best options to tailor your investment package, including:

  • Attractive floating rate yields
  • Short term investments that limit investor exposure to changing market conditions
  • Self-liquidating investments from the sale of units to end purchasers
  • Access to a best in class loan origination and management platform that provides geographic and product diversity

Our industry experience, market knowledge and solid relationships with developers and builders is reflected in our ability to professionally and thoroughly underwrite and mitigate risk by providing a highly detailed analysis of every project we work on.

MCAP’s advantage allows our investors to take part in a variety of funds and fund structures like the Residential Construction Fund:

(Loan Commitments)

Residential Construction Fund

Established 2003